Building your financial legacy doesn’t happen overnight, but it can start today

We help you keep more of the money you make so you’re financially free to build their wealth dream.


Pay Less

They pay 10 – 40% less in taxes by working smarter, not harder.

Make More

They make more money per hour because they keep what they make.


They are worry-free and sleep at night knowing their assets are protected.


They are taken care of and supported by a team of experts.

How do we get there?

Step by step with a custom plan.
The plan is simple

Phase 1: Review

Our free tax review tells us where you are now, and helps us determine what you’re building for.

Group 43@2x

Phase 2: Plan

Every successful build needs a blueprint. As a result of your review we’ll create a structured plan for how to achieve your goals.

Solo: Series of videos

Support: Series of meetings to coordinate and discuss (with or without videos)

Group 66@2x

Phase 3: Implement

We’ll give you a quote to implement your wealth plan.

This phase will require assembling a team of experts around you. We’ll help you confidently assemble your Advisors and coordinate the work to fulfil your plan.

Group 48@2x

Phase 4: Build

With our plan at the forefront we’ll work through the steps you need to build your wealth dreams.

Solo: All the resources, plus monthly meetings to make sure you’re on track.

Support: Full CFO services mean we’ll do all the management, strategy, tax, and accounting for you.

Group 52@2x
Do it Solo or get Full Support?

You’re here because you’re thinking about your finances, so of course you want to know how much to budget for our support.

• Feel like you can action it yourself? Invest with us starting at $5k for phase 2.

• If you need CFO-level services, budget approximately 1% of your revenue. We’ll figure out exactly what you need once we’ve met and define this clearly for you.

• Once we’re on a call, we’ll determine where you’ll end up and you’ll know exactly what you’re paying ahead of time.