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Lucky 2021: Year of Good Fortune

Lucky 2021:  New Years’ celebrations are at hand and it is time to wish all our staff, clients, friends, and associates a very Happy and Lucky 2021. 2021 is a time for hope and a time for change.  This is the year when everything turns around. At least we at Gavrilov & Co. hope so….

Medical Professionals: Treat Your Fiscal Health

Medical professionals like doctors, physician’s assistants, nurses, dentists, chiropractors and technicians: Attention! This blog is especially for you. In fact, we think you will profit from our entire upcoming series of blogs which highlight our skills as medical tax accountants. Gavrilov & Co is dedicated to helping our Covid-19 healthcare heroes with their financial and…

IRS Audit: Beware

Avoid an IRS Audit

The IRS audit and the avoidance of it are hot topics right now.  Tax Accountants see audit apprehension in the eyes of anxious taxpayers every year at this time.  The IRS audit has had a long time psychological hold over the imagination of taxpayers.  “Please audit my tax forms.  I think I filed perfectly.  Can…

Service Charges, Tips and Taxes, Demystified

Service Charges and Tips Must Be in Compliance with Current Tax Laws

Service Charges? Tips? Who knows the difference? Who needs to know about them? Can we just lump tips and service charges all together for taxes? In our previous blog, we focused your tax duties if you were an employee who received tips from customers. In this blog we will turn the tables, so to speak,…

Labor Day Honors and Statistics in the USA

Labor Day is also a time to remember early workers and their struggle to make working conditions human.

Labor Day marks the end of summer.  And for many, it is the last care-free summer holiday before fall schedules and school terms take over their lives.  Labor Day is such a mysterious and perhaps misunderstood holiday that we depart from our usual tax and accounting topics, to bring you some special Labor Day facts…

States React to Wayfair Decision and Demand Dollars

States get new powers to tax remote states.

States are beginning to take the driver’s seat in taxing e-commerce.  The states received this power in the so-called Wayfair decision, on which we have blogged extensively in a former blog.  Now, however, Gavrilov & Co feels you need to know how the states are reacting to the changes.  It’s a new world of taxation…